The MGF has been instituted to acknowledge and honour the meritorious services of the late lamented Paulose Mar Gregorios

Mar Gregorios Foundation (MGF)

The Mar Gregorios Foundation has been instituted by the Faculty of the Seminary in the name of its former principal, the late lamented Paulose Mar Gregorios to acknowledge and honour his meritorious services rendered to the Seminary, the Church, the Nation and to humanity at large. While highlighting the individuality and unique personality of this versatile genius, the Foundation also has as its agenda to bring out the life and works , writings and speeches, the plans and projects of Mar Gregorios into printed books, micro films and documentaries.

LITERATURE DIVISION: MGF is now in possession of over a 1000 articles on diverse subject authored by Mar Gregorios during his lifetime. Although a few of them have been published in journals and as books, there still voluminous works yet to be published. 

GREGORIAN STUDY CENTRE: This is a centre for study and research in oriental thoughts, especially in the fields of philosophy and theology in their relation to the realities of the human situation. Occasional seminars, regular study class and annual lecture series etc are arranged. A separate building complex is envisaged.

GREGORIAN SCHOLARSHIP PROJECTS: The MGF follows the footsteps of Mar Gregorios in encouraging students of high merit. Three types of scholarships are provided through this foundation:

Ø  Merit scholarship/fellowship for theological and oriental studies including post graduate and doctoral level works.

Ø  Loan scholarship for  students  for their higher studies in secular disciplines.

Ø  Grant for students for their higher studies in secular disciplines.




o   A Human God. 1992

o   Healing:  A Holistic Approach. 1995

o   Love’s Freedom The Grand Mystery: A Spiritual Autobiography; All Uniting Love With Creative Freedom In The Spirit, As A Grad Mystery At The Heart Of Reality – One Man’s Vision. 1997

o   A Secular Ideology: An Impotent Remedy For India’s Communal Problem. 1998.

o   Global Peace and Common Security. 1998

o   Disarmament  and Nuclear Weapons. 1998

o   Introducing The Orthodox Churches. 1999

o   Religion And Dialogue. 2000

o   The Church And Authority. 2001

o   Worship In A Secular Age. 2003

o   Glory And Burden: Ministry And Sacraments Of The Church.  2005

o   On Ecumenism. 2006


o   Dharshanam Matham Shastram. 1995

o   Pashchatyaprabudadeyum  Adhunikotharathayum. 1995

o   Mathaniraapekshatha Oru Samvaadham; EMS’inde Pradhikarunathodukoodi. 1996

o   Snehathinde Swaathenthriyam. 1999

o   Sneham Christhu Mathathinte Adisthaanam. 2008

o   Eeshwaran Manushyan Prabanjam: Nisa’yile Vishudha Gregorios’inde Darshanathil. 2009

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