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Fr. Dr. Jose John

FFRRC Registrar

Fr. Dr. Jose John has been professor at the Orthodox Theological Seminary since 2007. He also currently serves as the Registrar. Following his graduation from the Kerala University, he began his theological education at the Orthodox Theological Seminary at Kottayam where he completed the Graduate in Sacred Theology (Diploma) and Bachelor in Divinity degree. He earned his Masters in Theology and Doctorate in Theology both in History from the Pontifical Oriental Institute at Rome, Italy.

His principal areas of teaching are Historical methodologies, History of early Christianity, History of Ecumenical movements, History of Monasticism as well as Women in the History of Christianity. Fr. Jose John is also currently the faculty in charge of the History Association, the Arts Association as well as the Seminary bookstall. He is also warden to the P.G. hostel.

Fr. Dr. Jose John’s published articles include:

  • Pre-Portuguese Identity of the St. Thomas Christians.
  • Catholica Sthaapanam Malankarayil
  • Mar Divanaasyos Anjaamen’de Sabha Darshanam
  • Association: Malankarayude Parliament
  • Nazrani Historiography: A Critical Study
  • Methodological Issues of History of Christianity in India with special reference to the Historiography of St. Thomas Christians in Malabar Coast.
  • The Old Seminary: Learning Citadel of the St. Thomas Christians community